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Replacements for Toro Tractor Tires and Toro Zero Turn Mower Tires

What are the best tires for a Toro lawn mower?

If you bought a new Toro lawn tractor or Zero Turn Radius riding mower, odds are you have Carlisle tires on your vehicle. If you purchased a used machine, you may not have the best tires for your Toro. We highly recommend the Carlisle line of lawn and garden tires, original equipment on Toro lawn mowers as well as Cub Cadet, John Deere, Jacobsen and other riding mower manufacturers.

Which Carlisle tire is best for the Toro tractor I have?

All Toro lawn tractors utilize turf tires on both front and rear. The Carlisle Turf Saver is the classic market leader, and one of the most popular mower tires sold today for residential mowing. They are original equipment on many lawn mowers.

If your property is over an acre, a bit hilly, or the terrain is rougher, you should consider the Turf Master, Carlisles most durable tread compound with a deep tread pattern in a profile optimized for stability and traction. Carlisle Turf Master tires are the choice for professional users that require high performance and dependability.

For commercial use, the Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S (Commercial Service) features a tread similar to the Turf Master tread but is available in thicker plys with heavier sidewalls protecting against punctures and blowouts. The Multi-Trac C/S is ideal for daily use in commercial mowing applications such as fairways, football fields, baseball stadiums, and cemeteries. The Multi-Trac C/S is available for any kind of riding mower. It’s an excellent choice for residential use where large lawns or big fields demand a serious mowing tire solution.

Carlisle Turf Tires for Toro Lawn Tractors

Toro Lawn Tractor Tires - Carlisle Turf Saver
Turf Saver
Toro Lawn Tractor Tires - Carlisle Turf Master
Turf Master
Toro Lawn Tractor Tires - Carlisle Multi Trac
Multi Trac C/S

What are the best tires for a Toro Zero Turn Radius riding mower?

All the Toro zero turn mowers use a turf tire for rear placement, so choose the rear tire based on the same criteria as standard lawn and garden tractors.

Due to the zero turning radius you need a straight rib tread tire or a completely smooth tire for the front. Otherwise a turf tire will eat up the ground during tight turns.

Carlisle Straight Rib tires are a premium rib tire for your Toro ZTR. This tire can be used on transport vehicles, riding mowers, golf carts, garden tractors, and farm equipment.

Carlisle Smooth tires are used many times for front casters on zero turn or ZTR mowers, when you absolutely cannot leave marks on the grass. Carlisle Smooth tires are designed with wide surface weight distribution for increased steering and traction. They are a perfect replacement for your worn out tires.

Larger sizes are available for golf and grounds maintenance equipment.

Carlisle Tires for Toro Zero Turn Mowers

Toro Zero Turn Mower Tires - Carlisle Straight Rib
Straight Rib
Toro Zero Turn Mower Tires - Carlisle Smooth Tires

Which tire size is best for my Toro lawn mower?

Take a look at the tires currently on your Toro . The tire size should be printed on the sidewalls. For example, In the size 25×8.00-12, the meaning of the numbers is as follows:

  • 25 - The overall height of the tire when mounted and inflated.
  • 8.00 - The overall width of the tire when mounted and inflated.
  • 12 - The diameter of the wheel this tire will mount to.

If you bought a used Toro, you may want to check the owners manual, just in case the previous owner installed the wrong size tires.

Need tire chains for your Toro lawn tractor?

If your Toro does double duty in the winter with a snow blower or blade attachment, you should look at tire chains for extra traction. We carry 2- and 4- link tire chains in all sizes for your Toro tractor.

Tire chains are sized just like your tires, so its easy to find the right size.

Visit Lawn and Garden Tractor Tire Chains for more info.