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Garden Tractor Tires / Heavy Duty Lug tires

The garden tractor tires displayed here are used for additional traction and wet terrain. Lug tires are not the best for turf, but in the case of severe terrain and wet turf where additional traction is needed.

These Lug tires work well on the rear of Garden Tractors, but are not recommended on zero turn mowers.

For more information, visit our blog at Important Facts on Garden Tractor Tires.

Carlisle Tires

Carlisle Garden Tractor Tires - Farm Specialist
Farm Specialist R-1
Carlisle Garden Tractor Tires -  Power Trac
Power Trac
Carlisle Garden Tractor Tires - Super Lug
Super Lug
Carlisle Tires - Tru Power
Tru Power

Duro Tires

Duro HF252 Ag Bar Luf R-1
HF252 Ag Bar Luf R-1
Duro HF255 Ag Bar Luf R-1
HF255 Ag Bar Luf R-1

Goodyear Tires

Goodyear Dura Torque R1 Trencher
Dura Torque R1
Goodyear Dyna Torque II
Dyna Torque II
Goodyear Power Torque Lug
Power Torque Lug
Goodyear Sure Grip Traction
Sure Grip Traction
Goodyear Xtra Trac Trencher
Xtra Trac Trencher

Import Tires

Import Bar Lug
Bar Lug
Import Jr Lug
Jr Lug
Import D405 R1
D405 R1
Import D402 Traction
D402 Traction

Kenda Tires

K357 Bar Lug R1
Kenda K472 Grasshopper
K472 Grasshopper

OTR Tires

OTR Lawn Trac
Lawn Trac
OTR Gardenmaster Lug
Gardenmaster Lug (Tractionmaster)
OTR Gardenmaster R4
Gardenmaster R4 (Tractionmaster)

Specialty Tires of America Tires

STOA Implement
STOA Traxion
STOA Traxion Lug
Traxion Lug

Titan Tires

Titan Flo Trac Lug
Flo Trac Lug
Titan Trac Lug R1
Hi Trac Lug R1
Titan Tru Power
Tru Power