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Galaxy Turf Special Lawn Tires

The Galaxy Turf Special is specifically designed for golf course tractors to float over turf without damage.

A very low footprint pressure allows a set of these 6-ply tires to glide over even the sensitive turf of the putting greens.

A rounded shoulder, pliable sidewall and high solid to void ratio make the Galaxy Turf Special ideal for golf course work.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
 551328   Galaxy Turf Special Lawn Tire, Size:27-12LL-15, Ply:6 $354.45
 551335   Galaxy Turf Special Turf Tire, Size:12LL-16, Ply:6 $540.76
 550275   Galaxy Turf Special Lawn Tire, Size:22.5LL-16.1, Ply:6 $1,178.75