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Deestone D265 Turf Tires

The Deestone D265ís wide tread design allows for maximum flotation and weight dispersal so that you get the least possible lawn damage.

The characteristic square shoulder construction provides superior traction for turf, grass, and utility applications.

Fits most popular ride-on mowers and garden tractors.

The preferred economical choice for OEM applications.

SKU Name Price Qty Add
 DS7013   Deestone D265 Turf Tire, Size:4.80-8, Ply:4 $27.99
 DS7051   Deestone D265 Turf Tire, Size:24-12.00-12, Ply:4 $66.18
 DS7037   Deestone D265 Turf Tire, Size:18-8.50-8, Ply:4 $30.84