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Carlisle Ultra Trac Lawn Mower Tires

Carlisle Ultra Trac lawn tires are used on large lawn equipment. This lawn tire by Carlisle comes in 4,6, and 12 ply and several popular sizes.

Ultra Tracs are wide with a flat footprint and reduced void in the tread. These features distribute the weight evenly, yielding low ground pressure and good traction while preserving the turf.

Ultra Trac tires are most often utilized on golf and grounds maintenance equipment.

The strong body of the Ultra Trac comes in a 4 or 6 ply rating depending on the size. That means this Ultra “tough” tire can be used for heavy duty work such as clearing pastures or anything else you might imagine.

Non-highway service.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
 529-368   Carlisle Ultra Trac Lawn Mower Tire, Size:24-13.00-12, Ply:4 $129.03
 529-387   Carlisle Ultra Trac Turf Tire, Size:24-13.00-12, Ply:6 $141.28
 529-386   Carlisle Ultra Trac Lawn Mower Tire, Size:26.5-14.00-12, Ply:4 $172.14
 529-3E6   Carlisle Ultra Trac Turf Tire, Size:29-14.00-15, Ply:6 $263.16
 429-3T1   Carlisle Ultra Trac Lawn Tire, Size:29-14.00-15, Ply:12 $292.91