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Carlisle Tru Power Garden Tractor Tires

Carlisle Tru Power tires are superior garden tractor tires. These lug tires are a perfect choice for garden tractors that traverse hilly and wet terrain. Many of our customers replace the factory installed lawn tires with these.

Carlisle Tru Power tires are features an Ag lug design, the right choice whenever the situation calls for substantial traction. While not as gentle on turf, these lug tires will keep your lawn tractor moving in tough conditions!

Often used for tillers, garden tractors, trenchers, and snow throwers, the Tru Power has a wide tread for superior flotation and a 45 degree tread angle for excellent traction.

Non-highway service.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
 523-311   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:18-8.50-10, Ply:4 $65.46
 523-3C3   Carlisle Tru Power Lug Tire, Size:6-12, Ply:4 $62.54
 523-301   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:23-8.50-12, Ply:4 $82.74
 523-367   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:23-10.50-12, Ply:4 $105.58
 523-361   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:26-12.00-12, Ply:4 $119.39
 523-360   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:26-12.00-12, Ply:8 $154.56
 523-3D4   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:29-12.50-15, Ply:6 $193.09
 523-3A4   Carlisle Tru Power, Size:31-15.50-15, Ply:8 $254.71