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Carlisle Smooth Lawn Tires

Carlisle Smooth tires are used many times for front casters on zero turn or ZTR mowers. The tough tires withstand long hours of cutting leaving no trace of their path.

Carlisle Smooth tires are designed with wide surface weight distribution for increased steering and traction. They are a perfect replacement for your worn out tires.

Larger sizes are available for golf and grounds maintenance equipment.

Carlisle's Smooth Lawn and Garden Tire is used when you absolutely cannot leave marks on the grass. The smooth tread with rounded shoulders is mainly used for mowing putting greens because of its excellent lack of wear on the grass, but you can use this on any section of your course.

This is a bias ply tubeless tire and is not approved for highway use.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
 512-0101   Carlisle Smooth, Size:9-3.50-4, Ply:4 $24.30
 512-0111   Carlisle Smooth, Size:11-4.00-5, Ply:4 $21.67
 512-0211   Carlisle Smooth, Size:13-5.00-6, Ply:4 $32.33
 512-186   Carlisle Smooth, Size:13-6.50-6, Ply:4 $31.51
 512-0511   Carlisle Smooth, Size:4.80-8, Ply:4 $29.51
 510-981   Carlisle Smooth, Size:18-9.50-8, Ply:4 $51.33
 586-310   Carlisle Smooth, Size:18-10.50-10, Ply:2 $72.42
 586-325   Carlisle Smooth, Size:20-10.00-10, Ply:2 $68.74
 512-0081   Carlisle Smooth, Size:8-3.00-4, Ply:4 $26.28
 510-0521   Carlisle Smooth, Size:11-6.00-5, Ply:4 $29.78
 6L0149   Carlisle Smooth, Size:18-10.50-10, Ply:4 $94.36
 510-710   Carlisle Smooth, Size: 24-13.00-12, Ply:4 $134.59