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Washing your Lawn Mower with a Pressure Washer

April 16th, 2014

One way to get your lawn mower ready for spring is with a good wash. You may see grass, rust and dirt build-up before you get started; but cleaning your mower shouldn’t take a lot of time. When you make use of your garden hose with a pressure washer, you can get the job done in minutes. Just remember that there are parts built in a lawn mower that can be destroyed by a powerful jet of water. Let’s avoid that by washing your lawn mower the right way.

Remove Spark Plugs and Blades

Before we start cleaning, it’s important to remove two of the more sensitive pieces built into your lawn mower: spark plug and blades. There’s a right way to clean your spark plug, and power hosing isn’t it; so make sure you remove the spark lead. Next, remove the lawn mower blades. With plastic, You don’t have to worry about the plastic on your mower rusting, but your blades are another story. It’s not recommended to wash your lawn mower with a hose (particularly high pressure) unless you remove these two objects.

Steps for Hosing The Body of your Lawn Mower

  1. Prop your lawn mower up to spray under the deck. If your lawn mower hasn’t been washed in some time, first apply a cleaning solution. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and then hose the deck until the solution is washed away.
  2. Take several steps away from the lawn mower and spray the tires. Lawn mower tires are too fragile for full pressure, so by taking three or more steps back, your tires won’t get punctured.
  3. When the deck and the tires are clean, set your lawn mower on the ground and wash the body. You don’t need to apply any cleaning solution. Just take the hose and do a quick wash until all of the grass clippings and minute debris is removed.

General Tips when Hosing a Lawn Mower

  • Be sure the engine is turned off and the lawn mower has cooled down.
  • Make sure the deck is able to fully dry to prevent rusting, and there are no wet grass clippings stuck underneath. Using lube can assist with drying, such as 3 in 1 Oil, ATF cleaner or WD40.
  • Store the mower in a dry place.